Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Salted Fish Pao (咸鱼包)

翻身,翻身,咸鱼都会翻身,高天宝的咸鱼包 。。。。 LoL *

If you watch a Hong Kong drama called "Gilded Chopsticks" (“食为奴”), then you know the script that I'm talking about. Recently facebook is crowded with the salted fish pao's recipe,  it's the trend now. Why not I do and have a try and see how tasty it is, I've seen the 'king' enjoying the pao very much as if it's super delicious. *tempting* looking at how he eats....yummy....

My friend said it's very hard to do this as her friend failed it, hmm...somehow mine consider successful, why don't you have a try, maybe yours is better then mine. :)

This is what we basically needs:  -

Ingredients A:                                                             包皮:
All purposed flour / tepung gandum 200g               面粉 200g
Hot water 100g                                                          沸水 100g
Cold water 40g                                                           冷水 40g

Ingredients B:                                                       肉馅:
Minced meat 300g                                               肉碎 300g
Salted Fish 50g                                                    梅香咸鱼 50g
Ginger 1tps                                                           姜 1 大匙
Scallion  1tps                                                        青葱 1 大匙
Leeks 1 tps                                                            大葱 1 大匙

Ingredients C:                                                        调味:
1) Soy Sauce 3 tps                                                 酱青 3 茶匙
2) A little bit of pepper                                         胡椒粉 少许
3) Sesame Oil 3 tps                                               麻油 3 茶匙
4) Huadiao wine  2tps                                          花雕酒 2  茶匙

1) Pour boiling water into flour. Combine all. Add in cold water and knead into dough. Rest for 30min in fridge.  / 1) 先把沸水加入面粉搅拌,再加冷水揉成面团。 放入冰箱休面30分钟

2) Fried the salted fish until golden crispy and mixed evenly with ingredient B & ingredient C /把咸鱼稍微煎一下, 然后把肉馅材料和调味料放入碗内,加入煎过的咸鱼搅拌均匀。

3) Divide rested dough into 35-40g pieces. Roll dough into thin round disk with rolling pin. Place about a tbsp. of filling and seal the bun. Pour about 2tbsp cooking oil into wok. Place the salted fish bun in the wok. Adjust the heat to medium heat. Add in 1tbsp water, pan fry both side till golden (till water is all dried up)/ 面团切小块,包入肉馅,要把口封好,不然煎时肉汁会流失。先把不沾底的平底锅烧热加入冷油(不需要很多),把包放入锅内,转中火让它煎一下,再加 1 汤匙水盖上锅盖让它煎到干水,然后把另一面煎到金黄色就可以起锅了!!

This post is highly requested by my friends, was busy recently and only have time to post it today. I have tried it on Sunday, it is very nice and delicious. You have to eat it while it's hot, it's more tastier and I gave 5 to my sister and 4 to my friend. My friend said it's super nice and she promote it to my other friends and now they're ordering this from me.... LoL, can  you imagine that. Don't get me wrong ya, I DO NOT SELL salted fish pao ya, I just make for fun and for my family to taste. 

I hope you'll enjoy the recipe! Have fun!!

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